Affordable housing

lack of affordable housing amidst Austin housing development boom

Austin’s Housing Boom Leaves Homeless People Behind

HOA fees and homelessness

Uncapped HOA Fees are Driving People into Homelessness

apartment application fees

The Impact of Astronomical Apartment Application Fees on Housing Access

cycle of homelessness

Examining the Intersection of Homelessness and Social Issues

Increased homeownership could be on the horizon with proposed plan from President Biden

Biden Proposes Homeownership Plan as Affordability Hits All-Time Low

homelessness in wealthy American cities

Homelessness is Rampant in America’s Wealthiest Cities

Homelessness is a policy choice, not a personal choice

Homelessness Is A Policy Choice, Not a Personal Choice

Gap Report shows a shortage of affordable housing for extremely low-income earners

Report: Three-Quarters of Extremely Low-Income Earners Severely Cost-Burdened by Rent

Affordable Housing contributes to thriving communities and overall well-being

How the Affordability of Housing Makes or Breaks Entire Communities

true cause of homelessness is lack of affordable housing

Without the Addiction and Mental Health Crises, There Would Still be Homelessness

Biden State of the Union Address Housing Homelessness Crisis

Advocates Say Biden Missed an Opportunity to Address Homelessness in SOTU

Family denied Affordable Housing, Georgia opts fo rFoster Care

Affordable Housing Denied: Georgia’s Expensive Preference for Foster Care

New Hampshire Legislator Aims to Prevent Homelessness

How New Hampshire is Rethinking Homelessness Prevention

UK Rising Rents Housing affordability driving homelessness

UK’s Housing Affordability Crisis Drives Surge in Homelessness

Representative Maxine Waters on the housing crisis

Housing Crisis Front and Center: Democrats Push for Legislative Solutions

Social Housing

New York Bill Seeks to Create ‘Social Housing’ Development Agency

high rent, high homelessness

High Rent Equals High Homelessness – It’s That Simple

Storms and flooding threaten limited supply of affordable housing

Pending Storms Threaten the Already Short Supply of Affordable Housing