Affordable housing

Texas Rents and Homeless Shelters

With Rents Rising Fast, Texas Homeless Shelters See More Families Seeking Help

Teachers face homelessness

Teachers Face Homelessness in Communities Across the Country

Inflation Reduction Act and Poverty

Inflation Reduction Act Tragically Skips Over Housing Investment

affordable housing and rents are rising

No Full-Time Worker Can Afford Housing on a Minimum Wage Salary

Inflation Migration and Affordable Housing

Inflation Migration Presents a Whole New Reason to Build Affordable Homes

construction of affordable housing

States Set Up to Spend Big on Affordable Housing Production

Building housing

Underproduction Is Driving Housing Instability Across the Country

affordable housing

More Funding Options Are Needed to Develop Affordable Housing

US needs more affordable housing

Lack of Affordable Housing Is The Leading Cause of Homelessness

healthcare and housing

How Much is a Lack of Affordable Housing Costing Us in Healthcare?


Homefulness and the Art of Helping Each Other When No One Else Will

affordable housing

New Report Shows Inadequate Supply of Housing in Every. Single. State.

COVID Economic Relief Funds

A Review of COVID State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds and Housing Progress

abandoned homes as affordable housing

Advocates Are Mapping Out Empty Buildings That Should Be Affordable Housing

yukon housing

What’s Fueling the Yukon’s Housing Crisis?

Mobile Homes

As Rents Skyrocket for Manufactured Homes, So Does Risk of Homelessness

rent in a harlem apartment building

Harlem Apartment Residents on Rent Strike Over Building Conditions

Rent Increase

Rental Rates Are Up Again All Across America