Gallery owner hosing down homeless woman

Assault on Houseless Person in San Francisco is Typical of the Dehumanization of People Experiencing Homelessness

California Governor Gavin Newsom

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Pledges $750 Million to Sweep Homeless Encampments

Homeless camps in Denver

Denver Nonprofits Call on City to Stop Sweeping Encampments During Freezing Weather

Violence against homeless person

NYC to Pay Homeless Man $135k Settlement After Cop’s Subway Assault

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How Does the US Criminalize Homelessness?

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City of Phoenix Sued to Stop Encampment Sweeps

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Where in the United States is it Illegal to be Homeless?

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ACLU Utah Report Proves Homeless Criminalization is Costly and Ineffective

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Study Reveals Encampment Sweeps Are Harmful to Homeless People’s Health

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The Unspoken Connection Between Climate Change and Homeless Criminalization

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Tis’ the Season to Selectively Enforce Camping Bans

The Cicero Institute focuses on criminalizing homelessness

The Cicero Institute Makes Homelessness Worse for Everyone

Portland Camping Ban

Portland Votes to Criminalize Camping in Public Spaces

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What Is A Homeless Bill of Rights, and Which States Have Them?

San Francisco

San Francisco Sued for Mistreatment of Homeless People

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Private Prisons Are Behind the Push for Homeless Criminalization

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Seattle Showcases Police-Free Homeless Services

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Sweeps and Criminalization Are Pushing Homeless People Into the Desert