San Francisco criminalizing homelessness

San Francisco Spends Even More Money Criminalizing Homelessness

no camping zone law encampment sweep

Report: LA’s No Camping Zone Law ‘Mostly Ineffective’ at Housing People

Phoenix police violate homeless people rights

DOJ Finds Phoenix Police Violated Rights of Homeless Individuals

homelessness grows as solutions stall

Criminalization of Homelessness Grows as Solutions Stall

violence against homeless people is on the rise ... again

Report Shows Rising Violence Against Homeless People

Elderly homeless woman in Grants Pass, Oregon


San Francisco Homeless Encampment and sweeps

New Research Proves Sweeps Are Poverty Profiteering at the Taxpayers’ Expense

Louisiana anti-homeless anti-panhandling law

Louisiana Lawmakers Want to Police Your Wallet

Oklahoma legislature

Oklahoma Law Makes Public Camping and ‘Refusing Assistance’ a Misdemeanor

Miami homeless man arrested for being homeless and lost his job



California Politicians on Both Sides of the Divide Vote to Criminalize Homelessness

Criminalization and Homelessness in Las Vegas

Trapped in the System: The Vicious Cycle of Criminalization in Las Vegas

johnson v. grants pass

Understanding the Potential Impact of Johnson v. Grants Pass

McPherson Park sweeps and impact of Encampment guide

Advocates Alarmed Over New USICH Encampment Guide 

Portland homelessness and daytime camping

Portland Mayor Wants to Punish Homeless Campers

Barbara Poppe at Supreme Court

Battle Against Homelessness: Barbara Poppe’s Journey from Activism to Advocacy

Grants Pass: Cruel and Unusual Punishment for Poverty

SCOTUS’s Grants Pass v. Johnson: Cruel and Unusual Punishment for Poverty

Grants Pass, Oregon, is criminalizing homelessness making it illegal to sleep.

Illegal to Sleep: Grants Pass’ Cruel War on Homelessness