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Seattle Showcases Police-Free Homeless Services

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Sweeps and Criminalization Are Pushing Homeless People Into the Desert

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The Humble Outlook of Canada’s Homeless Encampment Residents is Inspiring

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Violence and Homeless People: The Real Story

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Fresh Misery for Homeless People in Missouri

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WATCH the Horrible Reality of Los Angeles’s Homeless Sweeps

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Where are the Fact Checkers? Homeless Hatred Goes Unchecked Online

Homeless Woman Sleeps next to the Street to Avoid Arrest


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Another Homeless Hate Crime Goes Unpunished in Dallas

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Repeat Victims: Another Reason Sweeps are not the Answer

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New Study Shows the Biggest Threat to Homeless People is Your Misguided Opinion

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Missouri Lawmakers Pass Bill to Criminalize Homelessness


Homeless Criminalization is Unconstitutional

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Tennessee Moves to Make Camping on Public Land a Felony

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Seattle Suburb Institutes a Camping Ban Without Having Local Shelter Options

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Officials Sweep Encampment Sweeps ‘Under the Rug’ in Fresno

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Tennessee Lawmakers Vote to Criminalize Homelessness