Homeless Family Displaced from Echo Park Lake

Homeless Family Displaced from Echo Park Lake

homeless sweeps

Police Violently Clear a Homeless Encampment on a Frigid, Pandemic-Laden Day

Echo Lake Park

Fate of Echo Park Lake Is Coming to a City Near You – Unless You Take Action Now

criminalizing homeless people

Mercer Island Votes to Criminalize Homelessness with New Restriction on Urban Camping

criminalizing homeless people

Boise Settlement is Roadmap for Homeless Rights

Illegal sweeps

Bellingham Police Conduct Illegal Sweeps of Homeless Encampment

homeless encampment

LA City Councilmembers Aim to Replace Homeless Sweeps with Services

UPDATE: Rita Is Still Homeless in Chatsworth


March about Defunding the police

What Would Defunding the Police Mean for the Homeless Population?

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Nicholas Talks About Los Angeles's Homeless Sweeps in Hollywood


Leilani Farha

Homelessness and the International Response to Coronavirus

Debra Has Been Homeless in Venice Beach for Nine Years


Homeless Man Poses As a Celebrity to Take Over a Luxury Hotel to Get Mayor Garcetti's Attention


homeless man injured by police

LAPD’s Systematic Assault Against Homeless People

LAPD Gave Mike Three Citations for Being Homeless in the Last Month


Homeless Woman Running for Chatsworth Neighborhood Council


criminalization of homeless people

Worldwide, Homeless People Are Being Criminalized Amid COVID-19 Lockdowns