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Homeless Woman Dies in Arlington Jail Awaiting Court Date

NYC Police Clearing Encampment

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How to Fight the Criminalization of Homelessness

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Homeless People Surveilled at Statistically Higher Rates

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San Francisco Mayor London Breed Joins Calls to Punish Homeless People, Overturn Martin v. Boise

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Government-Sanctioned Homeless Encampments Are an Ominous Solution

The Painful Reality of Seattle's RV Homeless Sweeps

The Painful Reality of Seattle’s RV Homeless Sweeps

Unsanctioned Encampments

Emergence of ‘Unsanctioned’ in Homeless Propaganda is Ominous

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San Diego to Arrest Homeless People Who Refuse Services or Shelter

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Portland Passes Daytime Camping Ban

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Criminalizing Homelessness: Florida Town Tries to Ban Soap

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