Homeless Youth

HUD Looks to Homeless Youths for Input on Providing Homeless Services

Addressing youth homelessness and trafficking

NN4Y Seeks to Prevent Homelessness Among Youth, Releases Impact Report

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Homelessness and Poverty Take a Toll on Teens

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How Do Homeless Children Go to School?

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NYC Program Puts Cash Directly in the Hands of Homeless Youth

Stop Youth Trafficking

Congress Seeks Updates to Runaway and Homeless Youth and Trafficking Prevention Act

Homeless Canadian Youth

Without an Education, Homeless Canadian Youths Continue the Cycle of Generational Homelessness

Youth Aging out of Foster Care Washington

Washington State Program Provides Flexible Funding to Youth Aging Out of Foster Care

Young Homeless Woman Living in RV in Seattle


Pieper Lewis, Trafficked and homeless Teen, Survivor

Trafficked, Homeless Teen Fined $150K for Killing Her Rapist

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Why Are More Children Homeless than Ever Before?

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Homeless Youth Death Toll Doubles in LA

Homeless Youth

Bridging the Gap: Guaranteed Income for Homeless High Schoolers in California

youth homelessness

Pandemic Saw States Improve Response to Youth Homelessness

Homeless Youth

Youth Homelessness Surges in Canada

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Foster Youth Lack the Support and Resources Needed to Avoid Homelessness

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The Average Age of a Homeless Person In America Might Surprise You

homeless youth

HUD Approves Increased Support for Youth at Risk of Homelessness