homeless young woman, youth homelessness

Study Finds 3.5 Million Young Adults Endure Homelessness Each Year

Unaccompanied Youths more likely to experience unsheltered homelessness

Unaccompanied Youths More Likely to Experience Unsheltered Homelessness

homelessness in oregon

Oregon Governor Says Plans to Address Homelessness Lack Clarity

San Francisco Youth Homelessness

San Francisco to Buy Homes for Youth Leaving Homelessness

bus drivers key to helping homeless students

Bus Drivers Hold the Key to Identifying and Assisting Homeless Students

Homeless students

More than 40% of Homeless Students Attend a School that Lacks Dedicated Funding for Services

Experiencing Homelessness makes it more difficult for students to learn and succeed

Working Hard Isn’t a Cure-All for Homelessness

school districts are seeing an increase in homeless students

School Districts Scramble to Address Homelessness for Students and Teachers

experiencing sudden homelessness

Sudden Homelessness is Years in the Making

youth homelessness

Arizona Has the Highest Increase in Youth Homelessness in the US

homeless students

Homeless Students 3x More Likely to Get Kicked Out of School in Washington

Homeless Youth

HUD Looks to Homeless Youths for Input on Providing Homeless Services

Addressing youth homelessness and trafficking

NN4Y Seeks to Prevent Homelessness Among Youth, Releases Impact Report

homeless teen

Homelessness and Poverty Take a Toll on Teens

homeless students

How Do Homeless Children Go to School?

homeless youth in NYC

NYC Program Puts Cash Directly in the Hands of Homeless Youth

Stop Youth Trafficking

Congress Seeks Updates to Runaway and Homeless Youth and Trafficking Prevention Act

Homeless Canadian Youth

Without an Education, Homeless Canadian Youths Continue the Cycle of Generational Homelessness