Policy changes to end homelessness

Six Policy Changes to End Homelessness

public transportation

Is It Time to Consider Enacting a Transportation Safety Net?

What Does it Cost to Stop Homelessness

What Does It Cost to Stop Homelessness? Maybe As Little As $5,000

Healthy Beginnings for Moms and Babies

Highlighting Healthy Beginnings at Home, an Ohio-Based Program for Pregnant Homeless Women

Unaffordable housing

Affordably Built Housing Turned into Unaffordable Apartment Complexes

Minneapolis functional zero solving homelessness

Could Minneapolis Become the First Major U.S. City to Solve Chronic Homelessness?

house homeless people and solve homelessness

House Homeless People and You’ll Stop Seeing Them

journalists must give homeless people a voice

To Solve Homelessness, We Need More Journalism That Gives Homeless People a Voice

Illinois plan to end homelessness

Illinois Seeks to Achieve ‘Functional Zero’ Homelessness

homeless encampment where officials criminalize homelessness

Successful Solutions that Do Not Criminalize Homelessness

Converting Empty Office Space into Housing

Could Empty Office Space Alleviate the Affordable Housing Crisis?

Mindfulness for solving homelessness

Using Mindfulness to End Homelessness

Homelessness is a bipartisan issue and failure

Homelessness is a Bipartisan Failure

Biden Makes remarks on budget that invests significantly in housing

Housing Spending to Take Center Stage in Congressional Budget Battle

Emergency Rental Assistance funding expansion

U.S. Treasury Announces Expansion of Emergency Rental Assistance Program

unsheltered homelessness

Tucson-Area Nonprofit Aims to Build Tiny Homes for Homeless People as Unsheltered Homelessness Continues to Grow

housing apartments

While the Rest of California Struggles, San Diego Excels with Housing Program

government aid

New Study Shows Government Aid Prevented More Homelessness