Homeless man sitting on sidewalk near Skid Row Los Angeles


true cause of homelessness is lack of affordable housing

Without the Addiction and Mental Health Crises, There Would Still be Homelessness

housing crisis and drug problem

America Has a Drug Problem. It Also Has a Housing Crisis.

Homelessness, high cost of living

Study Finds Homelessness Is Caused by High Cost of Living, Not Substance Abuse

Lack of Affordable Housing not addiction

Addiction is NOT the Leading Cause of Homelessness

Deaths in Los Angeles increasing among unsheltered homeless people

Deaths Among Unhoused Los Angelenos Reaches Record High

Saving Lives of Sex Workers and Addicts on Skid Row Sidewalk Project

Saving Lives of Sex Workers and Addicts on Skid Row: Sidewalk Project

addiction and housing first

Homelessness Causes Addiction, Forced Substance Abuse Treatment Kills

safe consumption and injection sites to prevent overdoses

Facts Show Safe Injection Sites Save Lives, Gov. Newsom, Pass SB 57

homeless man in austin



The Tenderloin Suffers Under Another Inhumane Crackdown

homelessness in a world on drugs

Homelessness in a World on Drugs

opioid overdose epidemic

Boston Study Shows Overdose Accounts for 25% of Homeless Deaths

Inside America's First Safe Drug Consumption Site

Inside America’s First Safe Drug Consumption Site

Fentanyl Addict Homeless in Los Angeles


People surviving homelessness

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Drug Addiction is Not a Leading Cause of Homelessness

Paul Is Homeless Sleeping Rough in London


addiction and harm reduction

Biden Embraces Harm Reduction Strategies to Combat Overdoses