Working to Solve the Veteran Homelessness Crisis

Booted From the Army, He Spiraled. Now He Works to Solve the Veteran Homelessness Crisis.

safe consumption and injection sites to prevent overdoses

Facts Show Safe Injection Sites Save Lives, Gov. Newsom, Pass SB 57


Homefulness and the Art of Helping Each Other When No One Else Will

rontline Homeless Health Care: Street Medicine Oakland

Frontline Homeless Health Care: Street Medicine Oakland

Homeless camp San Pablo W Grant Oakland California

Oakland’s New Encampment Management Policy Creates Lose-Lose Situation for Homeless Residents


Open Letter to California: Please Vote Yes on 21

Evicted by Their Own Cousin Is How This Couple Ended up Homeless

Bill and Madeline

UPDATE Homeless Couple in Oakland living in RV Pandemic Program

Kymberli and Lenton

social distancing on open street

Are Open Streets Really Open to Everyone, Including Homeless People?

Homeless Services Needing Help to Operate During Coronavirus

California Homeless Services Need Help Operating During Coronavirus

Homeless Woman on Her Fall into Homelessness, Living in a Tent City, and Drug Addiction


Armed forces are sent to arrest homeless mothers

Military Force Used to Evict Moms 4 Housing from Vacant Oakland Home

Pregnant Homeless Woman Shares about Homelessness in Oakland


Homeless Man Lost Millions Now Lives in an Oakland Tent City


Oakland Homeless Woman Shares About Living in a Tent City Encampment


Homeless Woman in Oakland Loves Her Dogs


clown taunts homeless encampment

Clown Taunts People in a Homeless Encampment

Self-Governed, City-Sanctioned Homeless Camp

Meet Oakland California’s First Self-Governed, City-Sanctioned Homeless Camp