Jean and her children

After walking out of this hotel room I broke down. To be honest, I don’t know how Jean does it all. She tries to be a good mother to her five children. Every day, even in the Missouri rain, she rides a bicycle to her minimum wage job. But minimum wage is not enough for the family to break the weekly rate hotel cycle.

This is the invisible people we need to make visible. Luckily, this family and many others found a very kind man in St Charles County that is helping homeless families get back on their feet. I have traveled all over this country visiting people in hotels. Thanks to Paul Kruse these families are staying in a fairly decent hotel. But it’s still not home.

Many of the affordable, weekly rate hotels are run down. Most places are filled with drug dealers, criminal activity and are unfit for children. It’s a vicious cycle of homelessness because while paying to stay at these hotels it’s nearly impossible to save for first and last months rent to get out of the situation.

Jean once had a home, a car, and a better life for her family. Unfortunately, we are going to see more families losing everything and facing homelessness.

I am glad that we have people like Paul taking real action to help people. We need more to step up. We need you!

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  • Helen

    This is a very good site, I feel with the people! I can not really see the text though because it melts in to the background. I have to highlight it to see it. Slightly brighter text would be good to make it readable. It´s worth reading and watching!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for making these people real.

  • David

    The first/last/deposit issue is no joke. I work at a Non-Profit and my role deals with this problem almost exclusively. Luckily, the tools and funding are becoming more concise and strategic with programs designed around this exact problem…however, it isn’t enough….

  • Karen07814

    donation made to Kruse. Picked this up via a twitter feed, have retweeted

  • Imitty2u

    Paul Kruse is an honest servant to the homeless. Please feel free to donate to his organization “First Steps Back Home”.

  • Holly Gray

    This is one of the most heartbreaking stories Ive seen in I dont even know when. I cant imagine the overwhelming emotions Kruse must face seeing these situations and wanting to help fix them. Love and Light to Kruse and this family. He is doing a great service to us by showing us how much we actually have to be grateful for-

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  • Domain registration

    This is really heart touching story and you are doing great for all of these  type of people.

  • Matthew Kerner

    I saw this about a year and a half ago and was inspired to expand my organizations mission to include providing housing for homeless families. Today I signed a $285,000 grant agreement. Thank you for raising awareness and humanizing the homeless. 

  • problem solver

    Yes – thank you so much to the film maker. I woke up this morning with thoughts in my mind: why are people homeless? And how are people solving the homeless problems in their towns/cities? Where I live, the churches are amazing. There is nobody who flies a sign for more than a day here. The churches find them and help them.

  • Michelle Levine

    How can i learn to do the grant writing and find the accessible grants for my outreach to help?

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