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homelessness grows as solutions stall

Criminalization of Homelessness Grows as Solutions Stall


The Homelessness Crisis: Challenging Misconceptions and Criminalization

Criminalization and Homelessness in Las Vegas

Trapped in the System: The Vicious Cycle of Criminalization in Las Vegas

criminalization of homelessness

The Criminalization of Homelessness is Harmful to Police

homeless deaths and criminalization

How Criminalization Is Contributing to Homeless Deaths

United Nations pushes back on criminalization of homelessness in the US

Criminalization of Homelessness Is a ‘Rampant’ Problem, Advocates Tell U.N.

criminalizing homelessness

How to Fight the Criminalization of Homelessness

criminalization of homeless veteran and death of his service animal

What the Tragic Death of a Homeless Man’s Service Animal Says About Criminalization

Why do cities respond to homelessness with criminalization and punitive measures

Why Do Cities Respond to Homelessness with Criminalization? 

Jordan Neely homelessness criminalization

Criminalization Experts Weigh in On the Death of Jordan Neely

homeless sweeps and criminalization will cause more homeless deaths

Study Shows Criminalization Could Lead to 25% More Homeless Deaths

Republicans plan to address homelessness

Republicans Push for the Most Expensive and Least Effective Approach to Homelessness: Criminalization

Visible homelessness and increase in criminalization

More Visible Homelessness Leads to Increased Criminalization

criminalization of homeless people

Is Public Opinion Finally Shifting in Favor of Housing Over Criminalization?

homeless people in Utah

ACLU Utah Report Proves Homeless Criminalization is Costly and Ineffective

criminalization of homelessness and climate change

The Unspoken Connection Between Climate Change and Homeless Criminalization

homelessness criminalization

Private Prisons Are Behind the Push for Homeless Criminalization

living in the desert

Sweeps and Criminalization Are Pushing Homeless People Into the Desert