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Nishan Ghimire

Nishan Ghimire

Nishan is a writer and columnist based in Vancouver, focusing on offering a unique insight into contemporary issues through news, essays and storytelling.


Study Finds Homelessness at a 5-Year High in Western Massachusetts

Private corporations promote poverty and homelessness

Large Corporations Promise Social Mobility but Deliver Poverty and Homelessness

Vancouver Downtown Eastside

Vancouver Removes Unhoused People Through Forced Encampment Sweeps

MTA Criminalizes Homelessness

MTA Criminalizes Homelessness with $50 Fine for Sitting Too Long

Children's books

Children’s Books Fail to Depict the Reality of Housing and Homelessness

Policing Transit Agencies

Transit Agencies Find Success Mitigating Homelessness without Police Force, Report Finds

youth homelessness

Arizona Has the Highest Increase in Youth Homelessness in the US

Homelessness in Canada

Proposed Housing Benefit Aims to Reduce Homelessness in Canada