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Robert Davis

Robert Davis

Robert is a freelance journalist based in Colorado who covers housing, police, and local government.

homelessness in san francisco is growing

San Francisco Chooses Handcuffs over Housing Homeless People

Urban Tacoma

Tacoma Splits over How to Handle its Housing Crisis

law enforcement placing eviction notice

Appeals Court Leaves Eviction Moratorium in Place amid Legal Storm

homelessness in california

Gov. Newsom’s Homeless Initiatives Place Shelter over Solutions

homeless intervention and outreach worker

Homeless Intervention Services Take Center Stage

homeless people sleeping on subway

Why People Experiencing Homelessness Avoid Shelters

looming eviction

Vacated Eviction Moratorium Puts Millions of Renters At Risk of Homelessness


Vancouver Takes ‘Baby Steps’ To Address Social Housing Needs with Rezoning Measure


What Is the Difference Between Housing and Shelter?

people living in tents in Florida

Biden’s Budget Proposal Puts Fair and Affordable Housing First

skid row

Advocates Worry of Bait & Switch in LA’s Court Order to House Homeless People in Skid Row

homelessness in LA

Federal Order to House LA’s Homeless Population is Rife with Problems

helping low income families

Study Finds Eviction Moratorium Provides Broad Benefits to Low-Income Households


April Is Fair Housing Month. Here’s How You Can Support the Cause

Biden discusses the American Jobs Plan

American Jobs Plan Represents New Environment for Housing

florida legislators

Florida Affordable Housing Plan Highlights Need for National Investment Strategy

President Joe Biden

Biden Makes Sweeping Changes to Housing Policy in First 100 Days

aged homelessness

Increased Long-Term Care Costs Could Accelerate Aged Homelessness