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Robert Davis

Robert Davis

Robert is a freelance journalist based in Colorado who covers housing, police, and local government.

Criminalization means using fines and arrests to address homelessness

Thousands Oppose Using Arrests and Fines to Address Homelessness 

Kansas State Capitol Building where legislators are considering funding for homelessness tied to camping bans

Kansas Bill Could Fund Homeless Shelters with a Catch: Enforcing Camping Bans

Homelessness in Kentucky

Kentucky Passes Controversial Bill to Ban Street Camping Despite Advocate Opposition 

Gap Report shows a shortage of affordable housing for extremely low-income earners

Report: Three-Quarters of Extremely Low-Income Earners Severely Cost-Burdened by Rent

NYC Right to Shelter and Homeless Immigrants

New York Settles Right to Shelter Challenge and Sends Migrants to the Streets 

Will California's Proposition 1 help address homelessness or make it worse

Why Housing Advocates Are Sour on California’s Proposition 1

Biden State of the Union Address Housing Homelessness Crisis

Advocates Say Biden Missed an Opportunity to Address Homelessness in SOTU

homeless woman resting in Miami park in Florida

Florida Passes Public Camping Ban as Homelessness Increases

Camping Ban Ineffective

Damning Report Says L.A.’s Camping Ban Is Ineffective

New Hampshire Legislator Aims to Prevent Homelessness

How New Hampshire is Rethinking Homelessness Prevention

Alternative shelter models

Cities Turn to Alternative Shelter Models Amid Spike in Unsheltered Homelessness

Representative Maxine Waters on the housing crisis

Housing Crisis Front and Center: Democrats Push for Legislative Solutions

Social Housing

New York Bill Seeks to Create ‘Social Housing’ Development Agency

criminalization police arresting homeless people arizona

Critics Slam Arizona Lawmakers for ‘Discriminatory’ Approach to Homelessness

Biden Harris Award Funding for Housing Support and Grants to address homelessness

Biden-Harris Administration Allocates $3.16 Billion to Tackle Homelessness

homelessness in denver

Denver Plans to House 1000 People Experiencing Homelessness in 2024

Lawsuit Accuses NC School District of Leaving Homeless Students Behind

Lawsuit Accuses NC School District of Leaving Homeless Students Behind

cost-burdened renter households

The Alarming Rise in Cost-Burdened Renter Households