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Robert Davis

Robert Davis

Robert is a freelance journalist based in Colorado who covers housing, police, and local government.

homelessness in airports

Homelessness Increases at Airports as Shelter Space Remains Inadequate

Biden Makes remarks on budget that invests significantly in housing

Housing Spending to Take Center Stage in Congressional Budget Battle

school districts are seeing an increase in homeless students

School Districts Scramble to Address Homelessness for Students and Teachers

Help people escape poverty with better public policies

To End Poverty, California Should Overhaul Labor Laws and Pathways to Homeownership

Culver City Ban on Sidewalk Camping

Culver City Bans Sidewalk Camping, But Delays Enforcement

A woman who previously experienced homelessness moves into her new housing

Doctor’s Orders: Housing First Could Solve Homelessness

Arizona Encampment

Advocates and Lawmakers Oppose Arizona Bills Targeting Homeless Encampments

Unsheltered Homeless Encampments in Canada

Canadian Courts Say Homeless Encampments Can’t Be Moved Without Adequate Indoor Shelter Options in Place

Homeless Encampment in LA

LA Study Finds Most Homeless People Want Housing but Are Never Contacted

McPherson Square Sweep

Advocates Call on Biden to Stop McPherson Square Sweep

Utah Highway Patrol

Utah Cities Divert Homeless Shelter Monies to Increase Police Response

Freddie Tucker is one of 60 homeless veterans who have a new home at 211 Glendale. 

Detroit Converted 60 Temporary Units into Permanent Homes for Homeless Veterans

tiny home village for homeless people

Despite Mixed Reviews, Tiny Home Villages for Homeless People Are Growing

Biden Administration Executive Action for Renters

Biden Administration Considers Executive Action to Protect Renters

California Governor Gavin Newsom

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Pledges $750 Million to Sweep Homeless Encampments

Homeless camps in Denver

Denver Nonprofits Call on City to Stop Sweeping Encampments During Freezing Weather

unsheltered homelessness

Tucson-Area Nonprofit Aims to Build Tiny Homes for Homeless People as Unsheltered Homelessness Continues to Grow

government aid

New Study Shows Government Aid Prevented More Homelessness