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It’s very hard to put into words the emotions one feels when one encounters an elderly homeless person living on a sidewalk in a bad neighborhood. Miss Katie is 80 years old. No one should live without adequate housing, but it’s heartbreaking to see somebody like Miss Katie on the sidewalk with nowhere to go.

My favorite part of this interview was when Miss Katie saw my knees hurting and gave me some Styrofoam padding to put underneath my knees. I am always blown away by the compassion and generosity of people who have nothing. Our world would be such a better place if the people who had everything cared about their homeless neighbors.

Miss Katie is 80 years old and has been outside for a very long time. She’s also staying in a very bad area that shapes her perceptions. I can’t even imagine what she must go through every single day just to survive.

The crisis of elderly homelessness is a pressing societal issue characterized by an increasing number of elderly individuals finding themselves without stable housing. Factors such as inadequate retirement savings, rising healthcare costs, and the lack of affordable housing options have contributed to this growing problem. As the population ages and life expectancy increases, coupled with economic challenges and a shortage of supportive services, more seniors are at risk of experiencing homelessness. This crisis underscores the urgent need for comprehensive policies and support systems tailored to address the unique needs of elderly individuals, ensuring they have access to affordable housing, healthcare, and social services to prevent and alleviate homelessness among this vulnerable population.

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