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Cynthia Griffith

Cynthia Griffith


Cynthia Griffith is a freelance writer dedicated to social justice and environmental issues.

Indigenous People fighting Homelessness

Indigenous People Deemed 26 Times More Likely to Experience Homelessness in Minnesota

homeless war veteran

Being a War Veteran Makes You Statistically More Likely to Become Homeless

Lost Identity and homelessness

How Losing Identification Can Lead to a Lifetime of Homelessness

the truth about drug addiction

Study Shows Lower-Income Status Does Not Mean Higher Rates of Drug Addiction

crime scene Paul

What the Brutal Death of Paul Tavelardis Says About Hate Crimes and Homelessness

Evictions equal death

New York Renters Remain Protected from Evictions Through 2022

Affordable homes

Trickling Up: Lack of Affordable Housing Hits Military Families Hard

Tampa family faces eviction, evict

Police Program in Tampa, Florida Disproportionately Evicts African American Families

running out of time

Time: One of the Most Undervalued Resources in Our Fight Against Homelessness 

veterans row

The True Price of Freedom: A Look at Veterans Row

Street Medicine Bill

Awaiting Final Decision on California’s Groundbreaking Street Medicine Bill

basic income program gives homeless people money

Yet Another Experiment Proves Giving Money to Homeless People is Key to Solving the Homeless Crisis

Eviction Proceeding

The Harrowing Truth about Eviction Trials

Emergency Rental Assistance

What’s the Holdup? Emergency Rental Assistance Continues Nationwide Lag


How Important Is It to Us that No One Gets Anything for Free, Ever?

disabled veterans

How Veterans with Disabilities Wind Up Homeless

Practicing Street Medicine

Street Medicine: Bringing Healthcare to the Homeless Community

Gang violence in LA

LA Gangs Insinuate Violence Against Homeless People