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Cynthia Griffith

Cynthia Griffith


Cynthia Griffith is a freelance writer dedicated to social justice and environmental issues.

Criminalization and Death by Sweeps

Death by Sweep: How Anti-Homeless Legislation Kills

Investors buying single family homes is increasing homelessness

How Corporate Greed Fuels Homelessness

public transportation

Is It Time to Consider Enacting a Transportation Safety Net?

harmful rhetoric and hate speech lead to violence

Harmful Rhetoric Leads to Increased Violence Against Homeless People

Pregnancy Increases Housing Instability

Pregnancy Increases Housing Instability in Communities of Color

homelessness UK

Research Suggests One in Three Homeless People in the UK Die from Treatable Ailments

Urban Homelessness

Urban Homelessness Is Rising Right Alongside Suburban Homelessness

Healthy Beginnings for Moms and Babies

Highlighting Healthy Beginnings at Home, an Ohio-Based Program for Pregnant Homeless Women

What to do if you face eviction

Facing Eviction? Take These Actions to Prevent Homelessness

unsheltered veterans housing at Veterans Village

Philadelphia Opens New Veterans Village: Modular Homes for Unsheltered Veterans

Gen Z homeless youth wealth inequality

Giving Homeless Youth Credit: Unique Barriers Facing Gen Z

Lack of Transportation Can Lead to Homelessness

Pathways into Homelessness: A Lack of Access to Transportation

Unaffordable housing

Affordably Built Housing Turned into Unaffordable Apartment Complexes

homeless deaths in UK

Homeless Deaths in UK Skyrockets 85% in Just Four Years

Suburban poverty

Poverty: A Tragic Suburban Story

Minneapolis functional zero solving homelessness

Could Minneapolis Become the First Major U.S. City to Solve Chronic Homelessness?

Breast Cancer Screening

Homeless People Lack Access to Breast Cancer Screening, ASCO Study Finds

United States Senate passes Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act

Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act of 2023 Passes Senate After 10 Year Lapse