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Cynthia Griffith

Cynthia Griffith


Cynthia Griffith is a freelance writer dedicated to social justice and environmental issues.

Expert on Homelessness

Why Are Homeless and Formerly Homeless People Not Considered Experts on Homelessness?

Cancel Evictions

Study Shows the Eviction Moratorium Saved Lives

born into homelessness

How Can Homelessness Be a ‘Choice’ if People Are Born Into It?

homeless people eating

The Catastrophic Impact of Messages Like: ‘All Homeless People Need is a Meal’

cancer patient

Homeless People Are at Statistically Higher Risk for Cancer

homeless sweeps

Police Violently Clear a Homeless Encampment on a Frigid, Pandemic-Laden Day

woman living in her car

Mobile Homelessness Is the Highest It Has Ever Been

tenants face eviction

The Eviction Moratorium Must Be Strengthened, Extended, Strictly Enforced and Paired with Rent Relief

prevent homelessness

The American Rescue Plan Could Help Prevent Homelessness, but Timeliness and Efficiency Matter

housing for homeless people

Now Is the Optimal Time to Buy Hotels to House Individuals Experiencing Homelessness

homeless pregnant woman begging for help

How Homeless People are Misrepresented in Media

renters are drowning in debt due to rising rent prices

Renters Inability to Save Money Could Lead to More Homelessness


Here’s Everything That Was Illegal About the Eviction Letter I Received

COVID response

Our Response to COVID Put Millions at Risk of Homelessness


Crimes Against Homeless People Increase Again in 2021

Eviction Notice

10,700 COVID-Related Deaths Are the Direct Result of Illegal Evictions

girl scout cookies

A Sweet Deal: Buy Girl Scout Cookies and Help Homeless Children in NYC at the Same Time

girls homeless

What is Dehumanization and How Does it Create Homelessness?