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Cynthia Griffith

Cynthia Griffith


Cynthia Griffith is a freelance writer dedicated to social justice and environmental issues.

Eviction Notice

10,700 COVID-Related Deaths Are the Direct Result of Illegal Evictions

girl scout cookies

A Sweet Deal: Buy Girl Scout Cookies and Help Homeless Children in NYC at the Same Time

girls homeless

What is Dehumanization and How Does it Create Homelessness?

great depression

The New Economic Nosedive is Different from the Great Depression – In a Bad Way

Greed Landlord Real Estate

No Bailouts for Big Real Estate: Trickle-Down Theories Exacerbate Homelessness

illegal evictions

245,999 Evictions Have Been Filed During the Pandemic, Despite the Moratorium

Eviction Notice

I Was Almost Evicted in the Middle of the Pandemic

Eviction Notice

The Largest Real Estate Company in the US Illegally Attempts to Evict a Cancer Patient and an Infant Despite Moratorium

homeless encampment

LA City Councilmembers Aim to Replace Homeless Sweeps with Services


Breaking: FEMA Changes Policies to Accommodate Homeless People Staying in Hotels


8 Million New Americans Just Slipped into Poverty. Here’s What that Means for Homelessness Prevention.

Luxury apartments causing homelessness in LA

LA’s Campaign to Construct Unaffordable Homes Works Against Residents Across the Nation

lack of affordable healthcare is leading cause of homelessness

Why Is Lack of Affordable Healthcare a Leading Cause of Homelessness in the United States?

hidden homelessness

Are You Homeless and Don’t Know It?

Homeless Child

What Will Homelessness from Evictions Cost the Public?


Eviction Rates Soared 395% in August 2020. What Will January 31 Bring?

philadelphia encampment

Philly Government Promises to Replace Tents with Homes for Homeless People

homelessness in America

Underlying Causes of Homelessness Nobody Talks About