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Cynthia Griffith

Cynthia Griffith


Cynthia Griffith is a freelance writer dedicated to social justice and environmental issues.

Euthanizing Homelessness

Dear Canada, Euthanizing Homelessness is an Even Worse ‘Solution’ than Criminalizing It

homelessness can cause PTSD

Which Traumatic Events Cause PTSD for People Living Unhoused?

homeless living in a tent

What Would You Do With 47 Years to Live?

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How Do We Solve Homelessness When the Issues Driving It Are on the Rise?

Winter and homelessness

What It Is Like Experiencing Homelessness in Winter

homeless veteran suicide rate

How Experiencing Homelessness Raises Suicide Rates for Veterans

house fire

Greedy Landlord Caught Setting Properties on Fire with Residents Inside

Increased Homelessness

Pending Global Recession Could See Homelessness Increase to Great Depression Levels

Australian aboriginal homelessness

Aboriginal Families Targeted for Homelessness Again through New Legislation

National Homeless Memorial Day

It’s National Homeless Memorial Day Again, Sadly

Catamaran in streets Hurricane Ian

Thousands of People Made Homeless in Hurricane Ian’s Aftermath

illegal to be homeless in USA

Where in the United States is it Illegal to be Homeless?

homelessness and predictive search

Predictive Text for Homeless Search Words Promotes Stigma 

rent hikes and homelessness

Homelessness Statistically Coincides with Rent Hikes

homeless people in Utah

ACLU Utah Report Proves Homeless Criminalization is Costly and Ineffective

Justice40 Initiative to address climate change and flooding

Justice40 Initiative Includes Affordable Housing, Sustainability, and Disaster Relief

criminalization of homelessness and climate change

The Unspoken Connection Between Climate Change and Homeless Criminalization

homeless students

How Do Homeless Children Go to School?