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Cynthia Griffith

Cynthia Griffith


Cynthia Griffith is a freelance writer dedicated to social justice and environmental issues.


For NIMBYs, All That Matters Is Keeping Homelessness Out of Sight

Ride with Valor does renovations for Veterans

Ride with Valor: The Next Step in Solving Veteran Homelessness

homelessness in oregon

Oregon Governor Says Plans to Address Homelessness Lack Clarity

Poverty, poverty profiteering

Poverty Profiteering: Exploitation Creates Cycles of Homelessness

homeless encampment where officials criminalize homelessness

Successful Solutions that Do Not Criminalize Homelessness

homeless sweeps and criminalization will cause more homeless deaths

Study Shows Criminalization Could Lead to 25% More Homeless Deaths

homeless sweeps are on the rise

Homeless Sweeps on the Rise: More Politicians Opt to Criminalize Homelessness

Housing is a Human Right

Make Housing a Human Right to Help You and Your Community

Republicans plan to address homelessness

Republicans Push for the Most Expensive and Least Effective Approach to Homelessness: Criminalization

Single Mothers and homelessness, homeless families

Single Mothers Are at Greater Risk of Homelessness

Homeless Veterans Unsheltered

Why Homeless Veterans are More Likely to be Unsheltered

Homeless Seniors

Population of Homeless Seniors Expected to Almost Triple by 2030

Criminalizing homeless people for existing

Arrested for Existing While Homeless

Rent is too high Wages are too low

Rental Prices Are Astronomically Outpacing Wages

Eliminate Single-Family zoning to end homelessness

The Case for Eliminating Single-Family Zoning Legislation

Housing is a basic need

Why Housing is a Basic Need

McPherson Square Encampment Sweeps

The Unsurprising Aftermath of Clearing the McPherson Square Encampment

Converting Empty Office Space into Housing

Could Empty Office Space Alleviate the Affordable Housing Crisis?