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John polishing stars + Mark_LASince I started in 2008, Invisible People has literally changed what millions of people think about people experiencing homelessness. With hardly any budget, we have had more impact than all the government and nonprofit awareness campaigns combined. When I stop for a moment and think about the success we’ve had I am truly humbled. It’s been a lot of work, but so worth every moment! Homelessness is one social crisis that effects each and every one of us. Whether you give the panhandler money or not – YOU are paying for that person to be on the streets with your taxpayer dollars. Billions and billions of dollars are spent locking homeless people up, on emergency medical, temporary shelter, social services, accountants, executive directors, outreach workers – yet – homelessness seems to keep getting worse and worse!

WE CAN END HOMELESSNESS! I really believe we can end homelessness. I would not be in a game we cannot win.  That would be stupid! Truth is, and video clips soon to come we’ll prove it, we have models and strategies that are proven to end homelessness. We just need policy changes and real community support to make them happen, which is where you come in, and why you need to support @Home Campaign.

A few years back I agreed to allow a production company follow me and film my work. The reason is to use the power of media to reach the masses! Let’s be real here – no one is going to sit and watch a movie on homelessness. @Home Campaign uses my story, as I travel around the U.S. empowering homeless people to tell their own story, in a way that the audience will keep their interest. Please note, this is NOT A MOVIE ABOUT ME – I would not have that. But I do know my personal story does crossover. Plus, most homeless services just talk about themselves – a veteran homeless agency will only talk about veterans – a youth charity will only talk about youth – a family ministry will only talk  about families! By using my story @Home Campaign is able to cover all of homelessness, and not just separate areas. I also made sure there would be an outreach campaign. Last thing I would want is a movie on homelessness to end after the movie.

Being candid,  filing this was not easy. Opening myself up to be vulnerable to the camera for days on end was harder than anything I have ever done. You should also note – I signed over all rights – I WILL NEVER MAKE A PENNY FROM THIS PRODUCTION! There were a few reasons for this, but number one is that this movie is really about YOU and not me! What I mean is YOU can change homelessness, but the government or nonprofits have never provided you with the information to do so – @Home Campaign will change that! With all seriousness, this production would have never gotten the green light from me if it was not going to be used as a catalyst for tangible change.

So here’s the deal. Kindling Group, the production company behind @Home, just started a crowd-funding campaign to raise the money needed to finish the film and smartphone game. Oh ya, I forgot. @Home will be a transmedia campaign with a smartphone game that people will play to actually see what’s it like to house a homeless person.

So please support @Home Campaign and imagine an end to homelessness.

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We imagine a world where everyone has a place to call home. Until then, we strive to be the most trusted source for homelessness news, education and advocacy.

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