Road Trip started, Whrrl, LA Times, Ford – and THANKS to all of YOU!

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This is my last night in Phoenix and I am trying to get everything up on the net. Even though the road trip just stated lots has happened.

Mostly I am so very grateful for everyone behind the scenes who is helping to make this happen. I am also very grateful for all my sponsors and those individuals helping me with hotel rooms or just buying a meal . One friend here in Phoenix text me and had me drive to a station so he could fill the tank up.

THANK YOU! You are the ones making this a reality.

sleepcartsI am completely in awe of how much support Whrrl has been. What a great group of people. They are stepping up and helping in areas that do not benefit them. But that shows the heart of organization and their leadership. They truly are doing cause marketing right.

The Ford Flex is amazing. At some point I will write a post and do a whrrl story. Please visit this post on the Ford site, “Mark Horvath is Using a Ford to Make Invisible People Visible” and leave a comment to say thanks! I have to tell you the GPS on this baby is making a world of difference. Come on, pinch me. Hardly Normal and homelessness on the Ford Motor Company website! That ROCKS!

Last but far from least I must thank Nita Lelyveld, Jessica Garrison, and the LA Times for a wonderful story. I really try hard to keep the story on the homeless crisis and not me. Of course, I do understand the story is both. Jessica impressed me more than any reporter I have met. She also told the story through the lens. If you haven’t yet read, “Homeless advocate brings his message to the masses through social media”

Thanks everyone! You are the best!

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