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I met Fred in St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. Fred is one of those older colorful gents you could talk to all day.

Fred shared an apartment with a roommate who took off with the rent. Fred was lucky because he never spent any time on the streets. After he was evicted he found housing with the Salvation Army.

If you find it kind of hard to understand Fred that’s because he speaks “Newfoundeeze”.  The people of Newfoundland pride themselves on being the nicest people in Canada, and they have developed their own slang language. Fred was kind enough to give us a few lessons.

I still don’t get “Bob’s your uncle” but it sure is fun to say. That is when I am in a community that would actually “get” what I was saying!

Special thanks to Salvation Army , Newfoundland & Labrador Housing & Homelessness Network and Kimberly Yetman Dawson

Invisible People

Invisible People


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