Life on Skid Row: Happy Monday

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Cornell changed his block on Skid Row when he moved onto it. Almost immediately, his sunny outlook warmed his neighbors both on the street and inside businesses, adding a measure of optimism to an otherwise rough neighborhood.

A constant source of compliments and well-wishes, Cornell’s positive attitude extends far beyond the dire conditions he faces living on the street homeless in Los Angeles. Outgoing and social, Cornell is a friend to the folks who run the nearby taco trucks and warehouses and makes himself available for work wherever and wherever needed.

At night, he sleeps in a tent on Skid Row, where any number of threats live just outside his unlocked nylon zippered door. Waking up in the morning on a few hours rest, with all the embedded trauma that living on the street entails, Cornell manages a smile and sets out to find purpose.

While he struggles to get housing, the routine of work and the power of community offers some comfort for Cornell. Unfortunately, the work is never full-time and often sporadic, and while the money helps, it’s not nearly enough to cover rent and basic living costs in one of America’s most expensive cities.

Happy Monday!

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