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Anthony is homeless in Manchester, New Hampshire. He’s disabled and an addict. Anthony was in prison for close to ten years, and when he got out, life had changed so much that he relapsed.

Anthony has social anxiety, which may be a result of so many years of incarceration. Anthony can get a job, but with his disability, maintaining employment is a challenge.

Anthony has dreams. He tells us how he wants to get a trucking license to drive long halls. He believes this type of work he can maintain with his didablity. You can see his passion as Anthony shares his desire for a better life., but it’s heartbreaking to know that unless someone helps Anthony achieve his goals, they probably will never happen.

This is the sad reality of homelessness. So many people just need a little help and support to get off the streets and sustain a normal life, but the resources for support are not there to help someone like Anthony.

This is where you come in. We all must take tangible actions to prevent and solve homelessness in our communities. It has never been more important to get politically active, and local nonprofits are overwhelmed and desperately need support.

I did follow up with Anthony about the GoFundMe he believes he set up. Anthony does not have a bank account to set up a GoFundMe, and while he did add some information on the internet, he did not create an account he can get money from. It’s one of the many things about GoFundMe campaigns I hate. Desperate people like Anthony are given false hope.

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