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James is homeless in Columbus, Ohio

James suffers from mental illness. He currently lives on the streets homeless in Columbus, Ohio. James is on a waiting list for the shelter. He has to call every day to find out if there is an available bed. James asked something that’s so brilliant and so full of common sense I wish I had an answer: “If the shelter is full, why don’t they build a new shelter?” He continued: “or find a solution to end homelessness?”

Thing is, we know how to end homelessness. We’ve known for a long time. We just don’t have the political will to make it happen. If you live in the United States, you can help change that by clicking here to let your legislators know you want them to make ending homelessness a priority.

James panhandles surviving by the generosity of strangers. He sleeps under a security camera because he believes that if someone kicks him at least it will be caught on video.

Just because a homeless person is down that doesn’t mean they don’t stop dreaming for something better. James is starting a business turning gravestones into social media displays. His idea is brilliant eternitygravestones.com

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