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Laura has been homeless since the age of 23. I first interviewed her in 2018. She was 46 then; I even titled that interview almost the same. You can watch it here:

Gainesville, Florida Homeless Woman Stays Positive Despite Her Hard Life 

I noticed Laura a few blocks away. She looked different than when I had seen her before. Homelessness does that to a person. As I got closer, I kept thinking about how I hoped she is still smiling, and sure enough – Laura was smiling and still filled with positive energy.

I always love reconnecting with homeless people I’ve met over the years, but I am sad that they are still sleeping outside. I honestly don’t know how Laura does it. She’s an amazing woman, and I hope all her wishes will come true someday soon.

Here’s her second interview:

Update: Laura Is Still Homeless in Gainesville and Still Has a Smile!

Here’s Ganny’s interview:

Heartbreaking Story of a 73-year-old Elderly Homeless Woman 

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