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Advocates Temporarily Stop Anti-Panhandling Ordinance in West Virginia

activists fight anti-panhandling legislation

Anti-Panhandling Law Violates Homeless People’s Rights

anti panhandling campaign

Anti-Panhandling Campaigns Hurt Homeless People

panhandling facts

How Cities Respond to Panhandling

Interview with a Homeless Hotspot Vendor at SXSW

Panhandling or Hotspot Vendor: Which is better?

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Three Great Posts On Panhandling

johnson v. grants pass

Understanding the Potential Impact of Johnson v. Grants Pass

supporting homeless people hunger

How Hunger is Weaponized and Samaritans are Criminalized

Criminalization and Death by Sweeps

Death by Sweep: How Anti-Homeless Legislation Kills

criminalizing homelessness

U.N. Calls for U.S. to Abolish Laws Criminalizing Homelessness

Foster Care pipeline to Prison

Pathways into Homelessness: The Foster Care to Prison Pipeline

United Nations pushes back on criminalization of homelessness in the US

Criminalization of Homelessness Is a ‘Rampant’ Problem, Advocates Tell U.N.

criminalization of homeless veteran and death of his service animal

What the Tragic Death of a Homeless Man’s Service Animal Says About Criminalization

homeless encampment in california

San Francisco Mayor London Breed Joins Calls to Punish Homeless People, Overturn Martin v. Boise

Federal Agent Shoots Homeless Man

Police Video Shows Homeless Family Violently Arrested and Severely Injured for Living in Park

Byron Soulja Breeze Jr.

‘If You Only Knew the Half,’ by Soulja

homeless encampment of tents

Owner of Land Used for Homeless Encampment Fined Thousands

criminalizing homelessness by banning soap at Showers

Criminalizing Homelessness: Florida Town Tries to Ban Soap