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Jocelyn Figueroa


Jocelyn Figueroa studied Creative Non-Fiction at The New School and is a blogger and freelance writer based out of New York City. Formerly homeless, she launched her own blog discussing shelter life in New York City. Today, Jocelyn is on a mission to build connections through storytelling and creative writing. Check out her book about homelessness at

Counting money

It’s Actually Really Expensive Being Homeless

Apartment building exterior

In the Midst of COVID-19, Let’s Remember that Housing is Healthcare

Eviction notice

Forget Getting Sick – Am I Going to Be Homeless Again?

arm reaching out from the dark into the light

Learning How to Live Again After Homelessness


Homeless Industrial Complex: Homelessness Is Not Accidental

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Two Years Housed: This Is My Life Now


Priced Out of Paradise: Hawaii’s Homeless Crisis

Poor and homeless

Punished For Being Poor and Homeless


LGBTQ Youth Disproportionately Experience Homelessness


Capitalism Uses Homelessness to Instill Fear

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Are Private Companies Profiting from Homelessness?


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working poor

New ‘Working Poor’ Class Struggles to Find Housing


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Storytelling Changes Our Perception of Homelessness

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Former Homeless Woman Asks: Do I Deserve Housing?

Right to Shelter

NYC’s ‘Right to Shelter’ Doesn’t End Homelessness

all homeless people

Help All Homeless People, Not Just the ‘Respectable’ Ones