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Ellie Swain


Ellie is a freelance writer who grew up in London. She is passionate about ending homelessness and writes for various publications, non-profits, and marketing agencies to produce content. In her spare time, Ellie loves travelling to new places, exploring her city of London, and listening to live music.

people getting the covid vaccine

UK Charities Urge Welsh Government to Allow Them to Vaccinate Homeless People

vaccinating homeless people

Healthcare Providers Face Challenges In Vaccinating Homeless People

Covid-19 Vaccination

Homeless People Begin Receiving COVID-19 Vaccinations in Canada

homeless in UK

United Kingdom: 70,000 Households Made Homeless During Pandemic

shipping container homes

Los Angeles Uses Shipping Containers to Temporarily House Homeless People


How Is Montreal Keeping the City’s Homeless Safe This Winter?


Homeless Pods Offer Rough Sleepers Temporary Accommodation

hostile architecture

Hostile Architecture: Making Life Even Harder for Homeless People

Homeless person on Toronto streets during cold winter

Toronto’s Winter Plan for Homeless People Opens 560 Spaces

rough sleeper sleeping in snow

Rough Sleepers Will Die This Winter Without Government Action

UK Black People More Likely to Experience Homelessness

UK Black People Three Times as Likely To Experience Homelessness

Canadian Homelessness

Will Canada Really Eliminate ‘Chronic Homelessness’?

homeless student

Homeless Student Figures Exceed 269,000 in California

Sex Workers

Canada’s First 24/7 Shelter for Sex Workers to Open in Vancouver

homelessness and transgender people

The Link Between Homelessness and Transgender People

Man wears face mask

Masks Are Now Mandatory in Toronto’s Homeless Shelters

Tiny homes

Are Tiny Homes a Solution for Homeless People?

UK Rough Sleepers

London Reports Record High Number of Rough Sleepers in 2019–20