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Victoria VanTol

Victoria VanTol


Victoria VanTol holds a master's degree in social work. She is a therapist and freelance writer specializing in topics related to social justice and mental health.

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Homelessness and PTSD: Why They Go Hand-in-Hand

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How Inflation Puts Seniors Disproportionately At-Risk for Homelessness

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Confirmation Bias Creates Unwarranted Prejudice Against All Homeless People

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Martha’s Vineyard: Why are We Not Equally Outraged for Homeless Relocation?

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How Government Created, Instead of Prevented, an All-Veterans Homeless Encampment

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Housing is the Cure for the Treatable Condition of Homelessness

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New COVID Guidelines Issued to Keep Homeless People Safe

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Warning Signs of Homelessness and How to Offer Help


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Being Homeless Takes a Lot of Work

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The Role Labor Unions Play in Preventing Homelessness