Invisible People’s Top 10 News Posts for 2022

Top 10 Invisible People News Stories

Sadly, criminalizing homelessness is the top news story of 2022. There is a concerted effort to blame homeless people for living in poverty and punish them for it. Our capitalist society not only fails to help our vulnerable neighbors but is pushing for “solutions” that ultimately harm homeless people. What’s worse is support for these efforts is growing, which means our work is more important than ever.

Since 2008, Invisible People has been working to change the narrative on homelessness. While many in the homeless sector have now joined our efforts, there are others pushing for criminalization and policies that make being homeless illegal. Can you imagine being arrested for resting on a park bench? Well, it’s happening to homeless people across the country.

Thanks to support from people just like you who choose to be a part of the solution, Invisible People is committed to changing harmful beliefs about homelessness. With your help, we reach over millions of people every month, educating them on the truth about homelessness. Our production highlights from 2022 include:

Four years ago, we started our journalism initiative. Our writers are dedicated to bringing you quality, original reporting on homelessness and related topics. This year, we published 305 news stories also syndicated on Apple News and Google News. Here are some highlights:

homelessness criminalization

Private Prisons Are Behind the Push for Homeless Criminalization

The Cicero Institute is lobbying states to abandon housing first initiatives and instead adopt the ‘Reducing Street Homelessness Act’, which criminalizes homelessness and lands vulnerable people in prison. It’s modern-day slavery, and it’s horrifying.

illegal to be homeless in USA

Where in the United States is it Illegal to be Homeless?

Imagine a reality where rental prices have outpaced wages for 50-plus years, but you still need to be able to afford a home in order to stay out of jail. You. Are. Here.

Supreme Court Overturns Roe, impact on homeless people

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization overturned Roe v. Wade, ending nearly 50 years of the federally protected right to abortion. Supporters of a women’s right to choose and supporters of the Court’s decision reacted in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. (Credit Image: © Sue Dorfman/ZUMA Press Wire)

End of Roe Could Further Endanger Pregnant Women Experiencing Homelessness

Women experiencing homelessness already have a difficult time accessing healthcare. The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe will make matters worse.

Poverty and Homelessness

Credit Image: © Jon G. Fuller/VW Pics via ZUMA Press Wire

How is Poverty on the Decline, Yet Homelessness is Increasing?

While poverty is plunging, homelessness is increasing. How is this possible?

youth homelessness

The Average Age of a Homeless Person in America Might Surprise You

Child homelessness continues to surge in the U.S., driving the average age of homeless people down.

Wealth Inequality Gap

Wealth Inequality Is Pushing People into Homelessness

Poor and homeless people are not our enemies. It’s the richest among us who are leeching our resources with impunity.

Tiny homes

photo courtesy of A Tiny Home for Good

Are Tiny Homes a Solution to Unsheltered Homelessness? It Depends.

Not all shelters referred to as “tiny homes” provide tenants with running water or a toilet. Many are temporary structures to be used for shelter while waiting for permanent housing. The trouble is, too often the permanent housing never comes.

No Sweeps

How Sweeps Endanger Homeless People’s Health

It’s time we come clean with the truth about sweeps and the threat they pose to all communities, housed and unhoused.

impact of inflation on low-income families and individuals

How Inflation Impacts Homelessness

Learn how 2022’s increase in costs have had an array of effects, from how low-income families are struggling to access everyday necessities to a nonprofit’s ability to provide vital services to its homeless constituents.

helping at homeless shelter

Capitalism and Classism Increase Homelessness

Capitalism breeds classism allowing the rich to get richer and the poor becoming poorer. In turn, we see an increase in homelessness.

Additional Notable News Posts from 2022

Is Death Better Than Living in Poverty and Isolation?

Homeless Loki shares her thoughts on suicide as she struggles with chronic illness and mobile homelessness.

Missouri Lawmakers Pass Bill to Criminalize Homelessness

Missouri has passed a new bill prohibiting camping on state land. There are currently dozens of bills across the country being discussed, which will make it illegal to sleep in public spaces as a homeless person. What can be done to stop it?

The Cicero Institute Makes Homelessness Worse for Everyone

Failing to consult with experts on proven solutions to homelessness, The Cicero Institute seeks to erase homeless people through criminalization.

Here’s What to Do If You’re Facing Eviction

Learn about your rights as a tenant and three steps you can take to stay housed when facing eviction.

Your Fear of Homeless People is Violent

Our misguided fear of homeless people prevents us from solving homelessness while feeding into NIMBYism. This article shows how stereotypes of violent, drug addicted homeless people, which are far from the norm, are harmful and must stop.

How our For-Profit Prison System Exacerbates Homelessness

Learn how for-profit prison systems incentivize the cruel and inhumane punishment of placing homeless people in prison.

Good Luck Renting in Los Angeles

The housing market in California and particularly Los Angeles continues to soar. But why? And what’s going to happen to the rest of America’s housing market?

Armed Men Patrol Authorized Homeless Encampment in Montana

Over the summer, an authorized homeless campsite in Missoula, MT, was regularly patrolled by groups of armed men. Does it really take 7 men with guns and tactical gear to measure a tent?

How Tourism Negatively Impacts Homelessness

While homelessness and tourism may seem unrelated, they are deeply connected. Vacation rental companies and gentrification are fueling homelessness at a rapid rate.

How Has COVID-19 Changed Homelessness?

COVID-19 continues to have a negative impact on homeless people from increasing demand for shelter spaces to changing the way the public understands homelessness.

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